The Company

SINTEC, a company committed to continuous development of innovative products for the treatment of primary water, consists of a team of highly trained technicians and experts in various business functions: technology, manufacturing, and marketing.
These skills have allowed to design, patent and manufacture machines and equipment that is very useful to solve the problem of the treatment and protection of water used for various applications: aqueducts, wells, pools and other primary sources, in a simple, practical and very effective way.

The design is the result of brilliant, practice and rational insights of people who have gained much experience in the field of water management such as water systems, public and private pools, with dynamism and practicality in solving various problems.
Ongoing research, in collaboration with the Department of Hygiene and Public Health of University of Perugia, is a guarantee from the scientific point of view.

SINTEC only designs and manufactures machines protected by International industrial Patents, since the innovative features that distinguish them, ease of use, quality of results and the excellent cost/benefit ratio make them unique.

The company's primary objective is to get the ultimate in quality and product performance.
All human resources involved directly and indirectly are oriented towards total quality.
All the machines produced are strictly tested before being shipped.
All materials and components used are of excellent quality, long-tested and then selected to be fit for any particular use.
All machines are CE certified.

While designing and manufacturing its own machines SINTEC gives much importance to ecology.
In fact, besides assuring an excellent quality of treated water (particular reference to the dosing of chlorine) we also gained a great reduction of the amount of empty containers of liquid chemicals (eg, sodium hypochlorite), which have to be managed as "toxic-harmful" waste, involving, in addition to the pollution, a remarkable cost for their disposal.
All the machines are constantly being developed to improve performance, quality, ease of use and safety.
SINTEC also considers it important to develop their own machines towards the direction of energy saving, less consumption of chemicals (eg chlorine) and in compliance with the laws on worker safety.